Photography courses are for professional or prospective photographers. All photographers courses attract 2% to 100% scholarship from our program. All percentages cannot be negotiated since they are fixed. We source for jobs for all students that go through us after graduation. SEE HOW IT WORKS

Photography has different fields. No matter your field, there are good training schools to attend and good money to be made. Most photographers work on their own or in a team. Some of them do not like permanent employment. They prefer freelance jobs. With good contacts, one can make a fortune from photography. If you ever get a good photography deal,you can make thousands and even millions from it.

You may decide to specialise on just one aspect or be a general photographer. Some decide to just be doing wedding photos while some may go into magazine photographies. You will also need to have paparazzi attitude in order to be able to make it big. Some photographers no longer chase celebrities around because they are already established in the industry. Web digital photography sale is also a very good way to monetise photography business.

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