For procurement courses, we offer 2% to 100% funding.Procurement, purchasing and inventory management courses are for individuals that want to specialise in the buying and handling of materials.

The percentage for a particular purchasing course depends on the source of the funding. If companies are interested in a particular purchasing or inventory management course or school, the percentage for that one may be higher than that of others. All percentages cannot be negotiated. We source for jobs for all students that go through us after graduation. SEE HOW IT WORKS

Whether you want certification procurement managers, it is important that you choose only courses and training companies that are duly accredited. This is why we have screened and selected only accredited trainers and purchase management courses. This is to help you become very employable by the time you graduate.

It is always good to be ready to pay part of your fees since it is almost impossible to get 100% study grant. Even if companies want to fund students, being selected is very competitive because of millions of inventory management and procurement students that are also interested it.

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