For all telecom training, we pay the minimum of 2% and maximum of 100% scholarship. We allocate scholarship percentages on telecom courses based on some factors. All percentages are fixed and cannot be negotiated. If companies have interest in funding a particular course, the scholarship quota for that course will be higher than that of others. We also source for jobs for all students that go through us after graduation. SEE HOW IT WORKS

Telecommunication courses can really pay back your investment on them after graduation. There are lots of opportunities for telecom experts. The world is getting more digital and wireless by the day. This has increases the need for more mobile technologies. People now want to access everything they want, from anyway. Locations are no longer limitations to anything since telecommunication has made information more accessible.

No matter the telecom course you wish to go for, there are market for it. Make sure you choose the course that is appropriate to your career plans. Telecom companies often ask us to for students they will fund. This has made us the best company for both students, schools and recruiters.

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